Oakley Sound Systems Ordering Information

Order Contact Details

Please e-mail your order to Tony Allgood, listing the PCBs and/or the exact components you require and your country. I will then send you an e-mail with the payment details and a confirmation of the final order cost. E-mails are normally replied to within 24 hours within the working week.

Price List

A plain text file of the Oakley Sound PCB price list can be found by clicking here. You can use this file to cut and paste into your order e-mail.

Note that the items on this price list are the only items that I sell. If any item is not in that list I do not sell it.

Currency Information

The prices given on this website are in United Kingdom pounds sterling, hereafter referred to as GBP. The pound sterling is the currency of the United Kingdom/Great Britain. Typical exchange rates are around 1.3USD = 1GBP and 1.1Euro = 1GBP. However, be sure to check locally before you place any order.

Shipping and Handling Charges

Small Orders - Goods totalling no more than 35GBP

Mainland Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australia, NZ, Japan: 5GBP

Large Orders - Goods totalling over 35GBP

Mainland Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australia, NZ, Japan: 9GBP

You only pay one shipping charge for any one order. Please e-mail Tony for prices to other destinations.

Order Confirmation and Invoice

When your order is received you will be sent an 'order confirmation' e-mail. This e-mail is headed with your order number and is your order invoice as no paper invoice is included with your order. The e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you used to place your order which may well be different to your Paypal address. Please check the items listed for purchase and the shipping address within this e-mail and let me know as soon as possible if there are any discrepancies.

Shipping Information

I try to ensure that any orders will be shipped within five working days from when the 'order confirmation' e-mail was sent to you. Packages are normally posted on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Once your order has been posted you will then receive a 'shipping confirmation' e-mail which will also contain any schematics and delivery tracking numbers where applicable. The 'shipping confirmation' e-mail is only sent when your order is on its way to you. Typically, I will send out shipping confirmation e-mails on the same day the item was sent but it may be the day after.

For UK purchasers, PCBs and parts are usually sent out by Royal Mail, either by first class post or 'special delivery' services.

For overseas customers, orders are normally shipped, depending on size and destination, by large letter airmail, 'international signed for' or Airsure 'track and trace' services.

Very large orders, ie. over 500GBP, will be shipped by UPS.

Packages going overseas normally take no longer than two weeks to get to you. Indeed, most take only a few days. If your package has failed to arrive within four weeks of receiving the shipping confirmation e-mail then please let me know. In my experience most shipping delays are due to customs as they can hold packages for several weeks before releasing them to the postal service. Note also that if a signature is required then your parcel may be held at your local sorting office if they tried to deliver it while no one was there to receive it.

Payment and General Information

Please note I am not VAT registered. This means that no UK VAT is applied nor can it be deducted.

Payment can be made by one of two methods:

1) By PayPal. Here you can pay with your credit card once you have set up an account with them. Payment should be made in pounds sterling (GBP).

I am sorry but I cannot, unless you are known to me, take Paypal if the order value (or group of orders placed over a period of less than one month) exceeds 250GBP. Please e-mail me to get my Paypal account details.

2) Payment by direct bank to bank transfer. Payment should be made in pounds sterling (GBP)

Please note that unless you are in the UK your bank will probably charge a fee for this service even if you are within the EU. If you are outside the UK you must agree to pay all transfer fees. Because of this, I am now recommending customers to try the excellent service at Transferwise.com which is really fast, cheap and safe. E-mail me to get my company bank details. Don't forget to e-mail me again when you have instigated the transfer and to let me know your preferred mailing address.

Credit cards cannot be taken directly, only via Paypal. Please e-mail if you have any further queries about payment.

IMPORTANT: Please e-mail your order first, listing the PCBs and/or the exact components you require and your country, so that I can confirm availability and delivery.

You are responsible for any import taxes or duty payable within your country. These vary and customers are advised to clarify charges with your local customs service prior to ordering. Goods are always marked 'merchandise'. I do not label items as 'gifts'.

Returns Policy and Order Cancellation

Please note that 'Oakley Sound Systems' trades entirely independantly of 'Krisp1'. No liability is accepted or implied on any similar goods supplied by Krisp1.

Returns Policy on stock items (PCBs and components)

You are entitled to return any PCBs and parts to me should you find any reason not to accept them. You are allowed ten working days from receipt of the goods to inspect your purchases. Notice to send the goods back to me should be sent by e-mail prior to returning the goods. The return postage costs shall be paid by you and goods must be returned intact and unused. Once the goods have been inspected by me and are deemed as undamaged and unused I will issue a full refund of the purchase price. Should the goods be lost in transit on their way back to me a refund will not be able to be given. You should therefore ensure that the goods are suitably insured for such a loss and that a 'signed for' service is used.

Cancelling Orders

Any PCB order may be cancelled from the time of the original payment and up to the moment the goods are shipped. Once the order has been cancelled by me a full refund will be given on all orders containing PCB(s) and parts. However, I will not be liable for additional Paypal charges or any other fees that may have been incurred in the setting up of payments.

Documentation Sales

Sorry, but once purchased, any legacy documentation, cannot be 'unpurchased'. In other words no refunds or returns are available on these products. Please ensure that you really want these items before sending any payment.

Reserving boards

The time taken between the receiving of the initial order enquiry and the receiving of the payment is called the 'reserve time'. This is usually very short if the customer is paying with Paypal or Transferwise, but may take several working days if the customer is paying by bank transfer. During this time the PCBs and parts will normally be reserved for the customer. That is the boards are held aside and are removed from sale. Up to three working days will be allowed as 'reserve time'. If I do not receive payment after this, the board(s) will be deemed as unsold and put back on sale again.

Please be aware that if board stocks are low, delay in settling payment may mean that the order cannot be completely fulfilled. Oakley Sound will not be held responsible for any losses of any kind due to this situation. I will refund any payment sent for any products not deliverable by us, but I will not pay out for any 'transfer fees' or exchange fees that you may have incurred while raising the payment.

Board issues and design upgrades

Board designs may occasionally be upgraded. The boards at issue one may be upgraded to issue two or higher. This will happen for several reasons: If the PCB design has a minor fault. If we change board supplier. If a substantial number of people request a new function that can't be implemented on the existing layout. And any other reason we care to choose. What we will guarantee is that the board you ordered is the one that you get. It is our right to withhold any information pertaining to forthcoming upgrades. We will sell most, if not all, the current issue boards before any information about any new issues are placed on this site. Please understand that it is not our intention to mislead. We have to sell most of any current issue to be able to run this business profitably.

It is also our right to withdraw any item from sale at any time for whatever reason. However, we normally try to indicate shortages on the website and the Oakley Sound forum as soon as possible.

How to Order older issue User Guides and Schematics

Some older documentation is freely available at the legacy support page.

User Manuals, Builder's Guide and schematics for all other older issues and legacy modules are available as an e-mail PDF attachment from me at a price of 2GBP each per project.

Please e-mail your order to Tony Allgood, listing the schematics or User Guides that you require. I will then let you know if they are available and any payment details that you may need to know. I normally try to reply to e-mails within 24 hours during the working week. E-mail me by clicking here or see the contacts page for more details.

When writing an order please try to be very specific. If you require a User Guide and schematic for a specific older board please let me know the issue of the PCB. The PCB should be marked with its issue number somewhere on the top side of the board.

All current issue User's Guides, which include building instructions and parts lists, are available on the relevant project page on this site. Schematics to all current modules are only available to purchasers of the PCBs or modules.

Gerber data or board artwork is not available for any Oakley project.

Payment for any legacy documentation should be made via Paypal only. GBP ('pounds sterling') is the currency of the United Kingdom.

The file(s) will be sent to you by e-mail once the purchase has been verified. By purchasing any schematic or board data from us you agree not to use this information in any commercial capacity. All schematics and documentation remain the property of Oakley Sound Systems and are not to be redistributed in any form to any other persons. Please respect my work.

See also our Disclaimer

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