DIY Eurorack Synthesiser Projects

Oakley Sound Systems have been producing DIY synthesiser modules for over two decades and on this page you will find my growing range of Eurorack designs.

Oakley modules are designed to be constructed by yourself using our bare printed circuit boards. Full building instructions can be found on each of the project's own webpage.

For technical support on all Oakley projects please refer to the knowledgeable and helpful Oakley Sound Forum which is hosted at Tony Allgood at Oakley Sound Systems does not provide direct e-mail support for Oakley projects, but is usually available via the forum.

Ordering details for DIY PCBs and parts can be found by clicking here.

The Modules


Eight stage analogue sequencer Two channel sequencer with skip, reset and multistage parallel loading


Dual VCO Two classic sawtooth core oscillators in 14HP NEW


COTA Multimode voltage controlled filter based on the classic cascaded integrator design NEW
Human Voice Module Fixed Filter Bank designed specifically to recreate vocal sounds used by a classic keyboard
MOSPhaser Voltage controlled six stage MOSFET phaser NEW
SVF Multimode voltage controlled state variable filter NEW

Utility Modules

Multimix Versatile three way mixer for CV and audio
Classic VCA Vintage voltage controlled amplifier based on the discrete circuitry of the 2600 NEW


4014 Ring Modulator A pedigree ring modulator for the Euro sized modular

Envelope Generators

Envelope An excellent ADSR module with looping feature NEW

Power Supplies

Euro Power Supply Power supply module for small to medium sized eurorack systems
Euro Dizzy Power distribution board for eurorack

Recently Discontinued Modules

Classic VCA (old version) Vintage voltage controlled amplifier based on the discrete circuitry of the 2600

Useful Information

Construction Guide My handy PDF guide to building Oakley DIY projects
Parts Guide My handy PDF guide to buying parts for Oakley DIY projects
5U Modular Projects Our popular range of MOTM and MU compatible synthesiser modules

Legacy Support

Legacy Support Page A growing collection of older User Guides, User Manuals and Builder's Guides

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